In Which I Don’t Miss Being a Blonde

Except I kind of do, only when I see a blonde with awesome hair.

I’ve been a brunette (my natural color) almost a year now, and I have been loving it.  Mostly.  I like that it’s me, a feature that I’ve had since practically birth (okay, I was blond when I was born, so since I was two or so). I do like that I can go to the salon once every three or four months as opposed to every 6-8 weeks for highlights. I like that my hair no longer has the consistency of straw and is longer than it has been in years.

People still ask me about my hair color. A coworker came up to my cube last week and said, “Wait, you’re not a natural blond, are you?”  I put on my Patient Jenny Face.  I’ve had to answer this question many times, and when I’ve had the same color for nearly a year, understandably I get a little tired of answering it.  “No,” I replied, “brunette is my real hair color.”  Then he made some comment about how he thought so, since he’s been seeing me with the same color for so long!

I nodded politely.

So yes, I normally don’t miss being blond, except when I see something like this:

It’s so fresh and pretty!  If I haven’t been trying to grow my hair out for the past year and a half/trying to save money/attempting to be a responsible human being and save instead of blowing my disposable income on my hair, MY HAIR WOULD TOTALLY BE THIS COLOR.

10 Unimportant and Relatively Uninteresting Things Going On In My Life Right Now

1.  Do you like the song “Extraordinary Machine?”

Fiona Apple said that she wrote it as a pep talk to herself. Every couple of years, I find myself in that place where I get nestled into my comfort zone and am loathe to venture out of it.  My best experiences, though, have come from swallowing my fears and going outside my comfort zone. I realized that I have lost my sense of adventure.  I haven’t had a decent “outside the comfort zone” trip since Philly and my marathon.

This is not to say that I have any exciting trips planned (I wish).  I just want to embrace new challenges with acceptance.

2.  Speaking of Fiona Apple – WHEN IS HER ALBUM COMING OUT?  BECAUSE I NEED IT IN MY LIFE.  Apparently she released a single and I am just finding out about it now. WHAT.

3. I painted my fingernails sky blue and my toe nails forest green. Because I can.

4.  I am breaking out on my chin and it is so unattractive.  Not just one blemish, either.  It’s this gross pizza chin and WHY, GODS OF CLEAR SKIN, WHY?!

5. I really, really want this hair.

Except that summer is approaching in Texas, meaning I will be miserable with heavy bangs coating my face.

6.  Speaking of summer coming in Texas, I have been running again but I am not in the condition I was six months ago, i.e. I am horribly out of shape and a once easy 4.5 mile run has been reduced to agony.  I went running the other day and it felt SO HOT and I was saddened to realize that it was only 85 degrees.  I say “only” because the temperature will jump at least 20 degrees within the next two months.

7.  I have to work this weekend, which really, really sucks.  I am not sure if I can see the Avengers but I want to, but mainly because of this man:

8.  I have the show Charmed on mute in the background, and I am instantly being reminded of fashion from 2001.  Super frilly, pink Britney Spears-type sweaters, cheeky hats, bold lipstick.

God, I feel like this show has been on for the past two hours, WHEN IS IT GOING TO END?

9.  My shoulder still vaguely hurts at night and it’s still a little stiff, even over two months after hurting it.  The doctor confirmed last month that it is healing nicely and that the most I could do with it is physical therapy, if I wanted to. He didn’t sound concerned with it and is unsure if I even dislocated it; he said he has no way of confirming it since he didn’t see me after my injury (all I’m saying is I FELT IT POP BACK IN.)

I guess my dad is right; it will never be 100% normal again, or maybe it will after a long, long time.  That’s okay.

10.  Goals for this month – actually learn a song on my guitar, actually learn a couple of songs on drums, actually finish a book.

Thank you for reading these 10 Unimportant and Relatively Uninteresting Things going on in my life right now.

Three Things: Things to Make a Monday Cheery

It’s always tough to return to work after a relaxing weekend off.  Here are three things that have made my Monday tolerable.

1.  Sunny, awesome weather

Texans relish spring weather because it will be the last comfortably warm days we’ll have until, like, November . It’s especially pretty around here, because all the spring flowers are blossoming, which means BLUEBONNETS!

Ok, so I totally just took a stock photo from the internet, but it looks like this.

I went for a walk in the park this weekend, and I passed by at least four or five families taking pictures of their adorable children among the bluebonnets.  It was already a cliche by the time I passed the last family.

The walk in the park was quite lovely, too. I saw snakes swimming in the water, cardinals, ducks, a goose, lizards, and anoles.

2.  Mad Men returns!

I didn’t watch Mad Men last night, so was eagerly anticipating it today.  It’s okay so far.  I think 2 hours may be a little long for a premiere, and some of the more interesting characters haven’t appeared yet (i.e. WHERE IS BETTY DRAPER?)  But the makeup and fashion is still a treat.  For instance, we must talk about Megan’s hair:

Want her hair, WANT WANT WANT. Hi Don.

Like, if I haven’t been trying so desperately hard to grow my hair for the past year, I would totally want this hairstyle.  Except while it makes her look sophisticated, it will probably make me look like a prepubescent girl.  I’m glad her hair is so awesome, because now I won’t miss having blonde hair whenever Betty Draper comes on screen (WHERE IS SHE?)

3.  Sweet Leaf Iced Tea

I’ve been living in my beloved city for four (!) years now, and one of the cliches I’ve picked up is loving the shit out of Sweet Leaf Iced Tea.  I first tried it at ACL back in 2008, and I remember I wasn’t too impressed with it.  I tried it again last year and thought, “Okay, this is not too bad.” And then like many things I’m initially lukewarm about, I started liking it.  And by liking it, I mean ADDICTION.


My fridge is well stocked with Sweet Teas.  The other flavors are decent but none holds my heart like the Mint and Honey.  If you have the chance, TRY IT.


Okay, I guess I’ll watch the end of this season premiere.  SERIOUSLY, BETTY, THIS SHOW COULD USE SOME OF YOUR AWESOME BITCHINESS RIGHT NOW.

A Completely Vain, Meaningless Post

One of my coworkers came to my cube to discuss future field work.  She smiled at me, saying,  “I really like your hair. It looks really good like that.”

In the realm of womanhood, hearing this stamp of approval is meaningful, since this particular coworker has the prettiest hair ever.  It is black and flows all the way down her back.  When I had short, fried hair last year, I had serious hair envy whenever I worked with her.  After field work, we’d go out to eat, and her hair would be flowing prettily down her back, while mine was shoved in a short, sad ponytail.

Now that I’ve stopped changing my hair color eighty times a year and have been taking a break from coloring my hair, it’s FINALLY GETTING LONG, Y’ALL.


Yep, reading this entry is 30 seconds of your life that you can’t get back.

An Apologetically Vain Post About My Hair

When my cousin and I were shopping in Brooklyn last week (last week! sigh…), I selected a frilly, midnight blue top to try on.  It was one of those shirts that looked pretty in theory but ended up looking ridiculous once I actually tried it on.  I turned to my cousin, who has an amazing sense of style.  “Amanda?” I said. “I don’t think I like this.” “It’s not a bad top,” she said, looking at it critically, “but it’s just not you.  This shirt is for someone who is high drama and wants attention, and that is just not your personality.”

Keeping that anecdote in mind, where I provide proof from a third-party that I am not an attention-seeking individual, please excuse this post where I talk about…my hair.

I know! It’s so stupid and vain.  But y’all, I don’t know what it is lately – EVERYONE seems to be commenting on my hair.  Back when I used to dye my hair often, I could understand why people would comment on it (and my coworkers ALWAYS had something to say about it).  But I’ve matured, and I’ve had the same hair color for three months now – dark brown, more my natural color.

It’s not even amazing-looking hair.  It’s stuck in that frustrating stage where it’s neither long nor short.  The best thing I can say about it is that it’s not fried anymore.  I guess the only thing I’m doing differently is trying to change hairstyles every once in awhile.  I am not doing any award-winning hair styles here. I just got tired of my stupid ponytail/bun/straight hair combo and just try to mix it up by actually making it look like I’ve spent more than three seconds fixing it.

Maybe that’s it?

Okay. Yesterday a coworker came up to me and whispered, “Can I ask you a personal question?” “Uh, sure,” I said, bristling in preparation.  “Is that your natural color or is blonde your natural color?” she asked.

Then today, I took my car in to get fixed.  The agent at the front desk always recognizes me and asks about my drum playing.  I’ve seen him at least twice since I changed from blonde to brunette, and still he mentioned something about my hair.  “It’s my natural hair color,” I said – I’ve had to say it so often to people that it’s become some sort of automatic response.  I could be in a coma, and if someone said something about my hair, the first thing I’d say waking up is, “IT’S MY NATURAL COLOR.”

“Natural is good,” he said.  I ignored that comment.

Then hours later, I was at work when a different coworker approached me in my cube.  “Hi Jen,” he said. I said hello.  He got kind of shy and said, “I like your hair.”  “Oh, thanks,” I said.  “That’s all I wanted to say,” he replied.  (Said coworker is also married).

I think my favorite response to my hair in the past two days happened yesterday. One of my coworkers returned to the office after working 11 months in another state.  I was happy to see him, since I had missed working with him.  When I heard his booming voice down the hall, I walked by and waved hello to him.  He responded in a very non-enthusiastic fashion.  I brushed it off, thinking he was busy, and went to talk to another coworker.

On the way back from my cube, I heard someone saying, “Jen!” My coworker approached me, saying, “I didn’t even recognize you when you walked by!” Then I remembered that when he had left, I’d still been a blonde.

I guess I should just enjoy the compliments, but I’m more amused than anything.  Maybe if I had hair like, say, Angelina Jolie’s, then I’d be more understanding of the attention.


My hair has started this really disturbing trend of being all, “Hey, you’ve dyed your hair so often that we forgot what our natural color is supposed to be…we’re guessing WHITE.”