ALL THE THINGS Part I Don’t Even Know Anymore

So I feel pretty gross right now, mainly because the amount of sugar I have consumed today.  I had a Dr Pepper at lunch. I never have Dr Pepper anymore.  But instead of letting that be my little treat for the day, I had sour gummies afterwards.  My friend Conrad brought them for me last week, because he knows they are my favorite and he is fantastic.  It is not his fault that I don’t have self-control.  Actually, come to think of it, I do have some semblance of self-control, because I still have some left in the package.  But instead of having just one at a time, I’m like, “LET’S HAVE THREE OR FOUR NOMMMM.”

Then I had several Pixie sticks in the afternoon, since a coworker left a tub of Halloween treats outside of her cube. Whoever came up with Pixie sticks is brilliant.  It’s just fucking sugar with food coloring.

There was a time when my body could handle all this sugar, but not anymore. I can’t even have Chinese food now because I just feel sick after eating it.  My body is super-wimpy.  However, it’s good that it’s reacting so negatively to bad food, because I have two months until my endocrinology appointment to pretend like I never eat sugar (my doctor keeps telling me not to eat sugar, and I keep…not listening.)

I had a protein bistro box at Starbucks last week, and was surprised at how tasty and satisfying it was.  (That officially is the whitest sentence I have ever written on this blog).  What is this madness, you ask?  Cheese and fruit actually is enjoyable and doesn’t make me feel sick, like sugar and artificial flavors?  INSANITY, I TELL YOU.  Inspired by this dubious epiphany, I bought a little snack thermos so I can start taking fruit and cheese to work with me as a snack, thus avoiding the Pixie Sticks forever.

I will be submitting my application for membership to AARP any day now.

My Mandy also texted me today asking me what my address is. Of course, I must send her something in return. I’d love to cross-stitch something special for her.  The British magazine I’d bought has some good ideas for smaller projects, like something to put on a homemade card.  I’ll have to put aside the other project I’m working on, which I know is dangerous territory to wade in (“Let me set this project aside to work on another one” = “I will never finish it”), but I must have will power. I want to make Mandy something pretty but not kitschy, because she’s much too cool and artsy for something kitschy. I must choose carefully.

I miss my Mandy.

I am excited because I am doing zero work tonight at home, and I’m not going to go run.  This means I have SO MUCH TIME FOR MY ACTIVITIES, which will basically entail eating, drum practice, and reading some deliciously nerdy books I have on my list.

I better go let Apollo out of his cage before he starts barking up a storm.  Hope you all have a cozy evening.

Work-In-Progress: Cross-Stitch Project

I have been in a really crafty mood lately.  I was quite crafty as a child, crotcheting, stitching, and latch-hooking my way through adolescence.  My parents thought I was strange and tried encouraging me to play outside more.  I’ve always been really bad about finishing projects, though.  Now that I’m a little older, I appreciate that you can’t be really good at anything without enough time and effort.  I’m limiting myself to one project at a time, as well, so I don’t overwhelm myself.

This is the cross-stitch project I’m currently working on:

And…this is what it looks like now:

(As you can see, Apollo wanted to “help” with the picture.)

So that’s all I have right now…but I have to tear out some stitches! Somehow, I miscounted and messed up. So frustrating! I’m also disliking some ugly stitches I have on there. But, I keep telling myself that this is my first cross-stitch project in a long time, and that I will never get anywhere if I allow myself to get frustrated with the stitches or the fact that I’ve made mistakes.

I’ve been treating myself to the British magazine Cross Stitcher.  It’s a great magazine!  It really aims at trendy sewing, which is good, since I can’t help feeling like an old lady when I stitch sometimes.  It also comes with free goodies every issue! I looked into subscribing but it’s about sixty dollars for six issues, so…maybe not.

I really want to get back into sewing eventually, because it looks like fun and would save me money in the long run.  Plus, it’s so satisfying to work (and finish) these little projects.  So, stay tuned. I aim to finish this by Christmas, but we’ll see.