Why Season 4 of True Blood is Better Than Season 3

I’ve been streaming episodes off the internet watching Season 4 of True Blood pretty consistently, and I have to say, I’m really enjoying this season.  I think it’s a lot better than Season 3, for several reasons.  The pacing of the storyline is a lot slower and less frenetic, the stories are more engaging, and the cinematography has been really beautiful, particularly in scenes where…

I’m just kidding, this is why I love Season 4:

I mean, I meant what I said before – I do think the storylines are much more compelling this season, but let’s be honest.  If Alexander Skarsgard didn’t have the spotlight this season , there would be a 83% chance that I would not be as interested.  And thanks to his amnesia, Eric is all sensitive this season and thus EVEN HOTTER.  (Usually I hate amnesia storylines, but I’m giving this one a pass).

An Inappropriate Response

I read tonight that David Duchovny and his wife are separating again.

The first thing I thought was, “YAY. HE’S AVAILABLE.”

The second thing I was thought was, “That’s a really weird response to have about someone I will never meet in my life.”


I have started watching X-Files.  I was a kid when the show was popular and only watched a couple of episodes back then.  I am on the first season, and it’s pretty good.

I’m not gonna lie, my main motivation for watching the show is this:






















I know, he’s like, 50 now, and apparently he plays himself on Californication but I don’t care.  He’s still hot.